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Nine weeks of in-depth course work that will show you, the Entertainer, every single thing you needGOS is more like attending a virtual class with professors, guest speakers and demonstrations; rather than simply reading a textbook. With GOS you will have projects, tutorials and guest interviews. This format is simply the BEST way to give you the feeling of being on the ship without actually going out to sea (yet).

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Entertaining on board cruise ships allow you to perform your act on some of the most well equipped and luxurious showrooms in the world!

Ever wonder where all the good gigs have gone? They've moved out to sea. Gigs On Ships will not only help you prepare for these venues, but also how to enhance and leverage your rehearsal time and performances to maximize your success.

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We will take you step by step through the course material, all designed to get you a Gig on a Ship. But more than that, we will share our tips, tricks and hacks on how to enjoy and thrive in the cruise market. We cover how get the most of your time on the ship, on shore, how to travel internationally in the most comfortable ways, what to bring, and just get the most of touring the world!

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Since 1993

  1. The authors of Gigs on Ships have over 50 years combined experience with jobs in the cruise ship entertainment market. We’ve reached a point that we are thinking of retiring (but we are already booked a year in advance). What do we do with all that experience? We teach.
  2. We've written several reports to help you explore the cruise market. (Click here to read the series of  reports for free.) But those only scratch the surface. Cruise Ship Entertainer jobs are complex and there are a lot of insider secrets to make sure that you are successful. We are looking for a few good candidates that we can guide through this maze.
  3. We believe we can really help you. The competition to get jobs on ships as an Entertainer is very intense. Furthermore, doing the job on the ship and keeping the job isn’t as easy as you might think. We will prepare you in every way you can be. You will have access to every bit of knowledge we have. We will be there as you progress and will answer questions in our private online hangout just for GOS students and alumni.
Elaborate Las Vegas-style shows are standard fare on   three-deck-high Showrooms.

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