Here are some answers to frequently asked questions

How do I enroll in the course?

Because Fred and Bobbie are personally involved in the course, they only open enrollment at certain times of the year. At those times they send invitations via email. Be sure to opt into the waiting list HERE

Also, you view a sample of our learning interface. It’s free of charge, we just ask that you register here first. In an attempt to stop spammers and such, we manually approve each registrant. Click REGISTER

How does the course work?

Each week we open a new module that focuses on one area of working the business. Some are very cruise ship specific, and others may be valuable to all areas of your entertainment career. The weekly course work is self-paced, and you can ask questions directly to Fred, Bobbie and other faculty in our private online forum. There will be tasks, homework and quizzes along the way.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Mostly, just ask us a question via email. Sometimes we are out working cruises ourselves so we may not be immediately reachable, but we will do our best to resolve any issue ASAP. Typically within 24 hours.

Do you teach people from overseas?

Yes, Although we are based in North America, we have many students in Europe and Australia. The course is in English, and some of our expertise is limited to the USA (applying for passports, tax implications, etc.) but it should be easy for you to take our strategies and apply the thinking behind it to your country or citizenship.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes, we are so sure that you will be blown away by the value of Gigs On Ships that we offer a money back guarantee –no questions asked–within 30 days of purchase.

When does the next class open?

Our target is April 2023. Make sure you get our notifications!

I signed up for the reports, but I haven’t seen much?

Check your SPAM filter. Because we use broadcast emails and autoresponders to organize and deliver our emails, some of our messages can be automatically dumped in your spam filter. We try our best to deliver only wanted information, but much of this process is handled by ever-changing technology. So, please add us to your preferred friends list.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We collect your name and email so that we may use customer contact software to send you information about entertaining on cruise ships and to tell you about our course “Gigs On Ships.” We don’t sell or share your data. Our full privacy policy is listed HERE.

We do our best to comply with GDPR. You may request to see what data is saved on that page. Also, if you click “unsubscribe” in one of our emails, you will be automatically erased from our database.