“Fred is the most knowledgeable guy in the world on the subject of booking magicians on cruise ships . I have been performing on cruises for years thanks to Fred . I can honestly say that I could not have done it without the information in the course . The price of the course is ridiculous, it should be 10 times that amount .” –Kirby VanBurch


“I have just completed the most intensive, informational and entertaining course I have ever had the pleasure of being apart of. Congratulations to Fred and Bobbie on GOS. This monumental work, which is sure to stand the test of time because of their commitment to keep it up to-date and INTERACTIVE!”–Brian Glow

"This is AWESOME!"

“Fred’s book was THE book on cruise ship work when I started my cruise career almost 20 years ago. I thought there was no way to improve on that work. Now his Gigs on Ships course has put that book to shame. If you want to perform in today’s tough cruise industry, there is no better head start than Gigs on Ships. I thought I could just get back on ships the old way. That didn’t work at all. Gigs on Ships has really opened my eyes to what it really takes to succeed in today’s cruise market.”–Keith Haddrill

"Highly Recommended!"

More than just a how-to guide or handbook to getting your first job, Gigs On Ships provides you a college-level instruction to prepare you for the ups and downs of this business. They answer all your questions – and some you didn’t even know you had! Not only is this all solid information, it is delivered in a variety of formats for all learning types. The charm, humor and personality of their own show comes through in the instruction. By the end of it, you feel like they are your friends and really are in your corner as you set out on your journey. David & Kylie Knight

"Love it!

"I would highly, HIGHLY recomend this program to anyone looking to  do cruise ships or to just expand their business and marketing knowledge. I love it!" -Kayla Drescher

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Enthusiastic Graduates

The Gigs On Ships course is transforming. No matter where you are in your career, this program take you to a whole new level. Are you ready to grow?

You just can't get this information from a book alone!

It’s the difference between of riding a skateboard or a Ferrari! Fred and Bobbie Becker ARE Gigs on Ships and have over 50 financially successful years of combined experience in the cruise industry. They take your hand and walk you step by step through a 10 week course all designed so you’re making money on ships in no time flat! Think of it as college for performers… but a lot more fun! Rather than reading some boring textbook you’ll learn like you want to learn. Intelligent guest lecturers who make money in the business. Exciting projects that get you involved and learning how to profit. Intensive tutorials for in depth learning and guest interviews that will knock your socks off! This format is simply the BEST way to give you ALL the experience of Fred and Bobbie without taking you on the ship to ride on their shoulders!