Do you have the #1 quality for success in the cruise world?

 The Truth About You

Success in the cruise business requires you to have some hospitality in your heart. If you are not a people person, you may not do well. This is a unique situation where you sort of live with your audience after you do your show. They will surround you every time you leave your cabin. They will want to chat with you in the buffet line, at the bar, on the beach, and when you are riding the tender to get ashore. Even when you are Facetiming with your family at a Starbucks in Aruba you’re not safe!

If you don’t interact well with people, this may not be the job for you.

A cruise ship is a closed “ecosystem” where you will be constantly surrounded by people. Sometimes crowds of people. People you have to be nice/polite too. People that will take turns asking you the exact same questions. People that will also stop to praise you (if they enjoyed your show). People that will judge you (the cruise line asks their opinion of you). Are you the type of person that can handle all that? Are you the type of person that will thrive in this environment?

This is a very short post mainly because this subject requires you to do some self-reflection. Don’t skip this, really spend some time thinking about it.