Still Excited about the job? Good!

How did the truth hit you?

If the previous articles of frank talk about cruise ship entertainment didn’t lessen your enthusiasm, know that things get a lot better from here! The positive parts of the job more than outweigh the negative, in our opinion at least.  

If you ever dreamed of working in a true theatre setting, with curtains, intelligent lighting, sound and backstage areas with wing space, and HD video projection. The modern cruise ship is where your dream comes true. Ships have state of the art 

theatres with a staff of technicians and stagehands all there to make your show look better than it ever has.

Ship theatres rival most showrooms in Las Vegas, but in this case you don’t have to finance room or sell tickets. There is a willing captive audience that will line up to see your show. All you have to do is deliver the goods.

When you are not performing your show, you are just like any passenger on the cruise. The added benefit is that your will be travelling to exciting new places, your horizons will broaden.  You get free run of the ship and can totally live like you were on a paid vacation.

Once you’ve performed your show, you are a celebrity. Everywhere you turn on the ship people line up to talk to you and tell you how much they enjoyed your performance. Few careers offer the job satisfaction that cruise entertainer’s experience.

If you are saying, “Yes, cruise ships are for me! How do I get the job?” let me make this known to you; we offer a 9/10-week structured mentorship called “Gigs On Ships: the Complete Course in Becoming a Guest Entertainer.” We will show you everything you need to know about the industry, about how to get the job and how to be successful in the cruise world and the independent-entertainer world in general.

If you haven’t watched our informational videos (over an hour of content) that will lay out the opportunity of Gigs on Ships, do so now! This amazing world is waiting for you. If you haven’t seen the emails, please check your spam filter!!!

Please let us know if this series of articles have been informational for you!