• Early Tomorrow Morning (EST) we will authorize your upgrade to the full Gigs On Ships course. We do these manually, so please wait for notification.
  • We do this so that we can control and secure the process. Also, It keeps a group moving through the lessons around the same pace. This way we can have webinars that address any current questions and topics.
  • The course is designed so that you can do one “lesson” and it’s various “Topics” each day for 5 days in week. Really, you can go at your own pace, but we believe that doing one lesson every day is way more beneficial than trying to cram it all in at once.

There is an Orientation Video in the “GOS Preview.” Be sure to start there. It will show you around the learning environment. Ignore the sales information, you’ve already paid up (and at a much better deal).

Watch this video in the “GOS Preview”

There are three themes represented to Gigs On Ships, each theme has three courses to it.

  1. “Ready, Set, and Go” are the first three. They prepare you for the market. Then we move into a rather intense three part series on promotion/sales/marketing.
  2. Finally, we take you out to the ship (virtually) to see the job first hand and interview the people that you will be working with.
  3. Also, there is an ever growing Bonus Section with all the tricks and hacks that will help you, but didn’t need to be in the course progression.
  • At the end of each “Course” in GOS there is a quiz, and assuming you pass, you will be given a certificate. That certificate unlocks the next course automatically. So you won’t be able to skip to the next course, please go in order… You are building something, so lay a strong foundation first.
  • Watch for our request for you to join our private Facebook Group called “Crew Bar.”
  • Be sure to have your GOS User ID and Password…