Back Stage of Gigs On Ships

Our course is designed to take you from the planning, selling and execution stages with equal thoroughness. We do this by utilizing several different techniques. There are a lot of essays early in the course and a lot more videos in the latter half. The beginning parts of the course require you to do a good amount of planning. You’ll be designing your approach to the industry and getting everything ready. When appropriate I’ll narrate the material, but much of that you can do at your own pace.

Dig in deep on the marketing and promotional video section. There is a lot there and you will be rewarded by your hard work here.

The last sections are very heavy on video. That’s where we show you our entire operation. You’ll see every step of the business, from receiving the offer, travelling to the ship, running the rehearsal (in one hour), doing the show and getting back home.

We wrote, recorded, and documented everything while traveling all around the world. It took many years, several cameras, thousands of dollars in software and even some heated discussions among your authors. You will see it all and get to know us very well (in a virtual way).