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Gigs on Ships is the most complete resource for entertainers looking to enter the lucrative cruise ship market. And now we have a new home! We moved away from a third party platform, into our own rich environment for learning. It is very exciting!

Our main website has links and articles for you to digest and investigate. There is plenty of information to be investigated there. If you are casually exploring the market, start there.

However, if you are an entertainer who is serious about your career; who is looking for a guide and mentor in the cruise market, you've landed in the right place.

I have been working consistently on cruises for 32 years as a magician and sometimes illusionist. I've successfully stayed at the top of the game that long. I've been there; done that for 32 years... and I've developed a system to teach all those years of experience to you in 10 weeks. Added to my long career is my wife Bobbie; she has been in the cruise industry for 20 years as a singer and production manager.

Put 52 years worth of knowledge and experience behind your career; join the next class of Gigs On Ships: the Complete Course for Entertainers.

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