Sea the World as a Cruise Ship Entertainer

Being a cruise ship entertainer can look mighty very glamorous. And overall, it can be. However, choosing a career as an entertainer has few tangible benefits. There are no pension plans, no 401Ks, we don’t get a company car, there are no medical or dental benefit packages. We don’t get a golden parachute should it all go wrong. All of those things are for people with “real jobs.”

Yet, we performers often have other benefits that others rarely get to experience. One of those can be the travel. Unless you have a long-term gig in a single location, you will spent a good amount of time “on the road.”

This always appealed to me. Even in my youth one of my biggest ambitions was to see the world. I wanted to be out there witnessing things in person, experiencing different cultures and collecting memories of exotic adventures. My wife and partner, Bobbie and I sat down and discussed our favorite places to visit. I added some of our personal photos to the ones that made the list. You might enjoy watching us take this virtual trip around the world.

Becker’s Top Travel Destinations

If that also appeals to you, be assured that nothing compares in that regard than working as a guest entertainer on cruise ships. From personal experience I can tell you that I’ve visited nearly every part of the world accessible by sea. From the North Cape of Norway to the frosty waters of Antarctica, Safaris in Africa to Mount Fuji, shark diving in Bora Bora to climbing the Eiffel Tower. All became part of my “work week.”

And the workload as a cruise ship guest entertainer is quite light. Typically, we are asked to do one or two shows a week. Indeed, as I write this paragraph (in the Atlantic Ocean), I am beginning a two-week cruise where I perform only one night during the two 14 days. That’s not a heavy workload.

So what’s the catch? That show you do needs to be very good and you need to know how to conduct yourself on the ship. Gigs On Ships is here to help with that. If you have a solid show and are ready to bring it to the world, get Gigs On Ships. We will show you everything you need to know not only to be successful cruise ship entertainer, but to run your entire career. Get started now!

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